Understanding the Unexplainable

Understanding the Unexplainable

Besides being an author, I have also been called a mystic. I describe it as receiving inner guidance. Having an open mind and heart to listen to an intuitive voice that only you can hear. Something Oprah might put into the woo-woo category. It has been referred to as la-la-land, out-there and the word phenomenon can be tied to this identity.

Everyone has a sixth sense. Usually it is labeled as intuition. The dictionary definition states: The ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. Sometimes people describe intuition as a strong feeling that overwhelms them regarding an issue or person. The origin of this insight or instinct is unknown, but its influence is undeniably real.

I admit it is hard to describe exactly what a mystic does. This is because scientifically it is unexplainable. Yet, when questioned, I answer, “Just because you can’t see, touch for understand something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

The truth is you can’t see the air we breathe, or touch a wireless communication and yet they still are real. Even with the advancements in science, many stellar mysteries about life and death are still unsolved. It has been my own life experiences that have peaked my curiosity in the unexplained.

From a young age epic dreams, visions, and life altering experiences drew me into the realm of Metaphysics. I had a reoccurring dream throughout my childhood, where I stood on a high rock-mountain cliff and watched a ten story wave approach the shore. It was so real that it made me wonder where it came from and why my subconscious mind wouldn’t let go of this emotionally charged scene. Many times I knew before the phone rang and who would be calling.

On occasion, my mind offered me what I would describe as a “second sight.” A picture would appear out of nowhere for just a moment and then disappear from view.  If I spoke about it to anyone, the expressions on their face screamed, “Are you crazy?”

At times I wondered if they were right. I tried to ignore these events as I was actually frightened by them. Then something happened when I was fifteen that shook me to my core.

It was the end of my first day of high school. I called my mother to say I would be home late, because I hadn’t finished signing up for all my classes. When she answered the phone I could tell she had been crying and she explained that there had been a family emergency. Not wanting to upset me, she wouldn’t tell me what happened. It drove me crazy not knowing, so I decided to walk home right away. We lived about a mile from the school and with each step my mind fought to figure out this tragic event.

One block from our apartment in Calif., my anxiety peaked. I just couldn’t wait any longer and pleaded for an answer. As I crossed the street my eyes fell upon a side, block wall, of a nearby yard. Written across it was my cousin’s name, “Skippy.” It seemed odd because the last time I saw him he had just turned twenty-one and was leaving to go play tennis. When I walked though the door and I asked my mother what had happened to him, she .was shocked that I knew and wondered who had told me.

I explained about the writing on the wall and she gave me the sad news that he had passed away.  Skippy had been like an older brother to me and I was devastated. The next day when we left the house I wanted to show my mother the wall. When we walked over to it, I gasped. It was blank without any sign it ever had anything written on it.

Skippy’s death, at such a young age, shook my whole world. Sadness, disbelief and questions as to why haunted me. At his funeral, a friend of his asked me what my philosophy on life was. I didn’t know what he was talking about; so later I looked it up. Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge and existence. This raised more questions in my mind and urged me to begin my search for the deeper meaning of life.

I have since realized that confronting the issue of death was one of my life lessons. After reading about Edgar Casey, it helped me understand that if strange things happen to you it doesn’t mean you’re crazy, just different.

Then my mother suddenly died at age forty-six from a stroke. Her loss brought me to my knees, yet since she had died with her eyes open, it was profound to see the light always there, now gone from her eyes. Didn’t everyone see it? I stopped talking about it, but had to know why this was in my reality. So I went to a Spiritual Expo. There I witnessed people doing reading and it was a relief to know there were others who   shared this phenomenon.

More searching followed, with several years of studying with a Shaman, who was born in Peru. I learned about the energy of colors and Rosita taught several classes on reading the Tarot cards. I found them to be a useful tool in explaining this higher guidance. She would blindfold us, put several cards of the divinity deck, face down and ask us to read them. Did you know that when your eyes are closed all your other senses automatically pool together to gather information.

In the following years I studied Hypnosis and graduated from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Calif. I specialized in past life regression and this offered a unique look into the bigger picture of life.

Several years later, my father passed away from cancer on the morning of my birthday. I had to wonder if this was a message for me to look at the parallel of life and death. Seven years later my greatest challenge came when my own son died, at the age of twenty-one, in an automobile accident.

Each of these events drew me deeper into the realm of the unknown. I learned that the bond between a child and parent goes beyond space and time. I don’t know if I could have made it through his loss if he hadn’t helped me. I would hear his voice in my right ear saying, “Mom, I’m only a heartbeat, breath and snap of a finger away. I argued that it would be my entire lifetime until I would see him. Then, near the year anniversary of his death, he said, “Mom, I’m going to explain time to you. I went into my study and got a pen and paper. This is what I heard,

Time is something the earth gave a name…to mark its passing as it came.  Though really it does not exist…may you come to terms with this.  Past is now as the present unfolds and future begins as though it were told. Creation has no beginning or end… all is happening at once around the bend. Forward or backward a circle is made, forever revolving this earthly charade. Imagine a circle spinning in air….. the essence of life is what is in there. The mind of a human holds all that is known and those that succeed the answers are shown. Birth is a gift that you measure with time. Life is the process willed by your mind. Death is the passing into eternity, beginning a new kind of spirit journey. You may not fully understand, but that is just part of a larger plan. 

    This world was created with so much love, have faith and believe in the world above. Mom, it matters not that time goes by….for what has been will never die.”

Later that year I did a Vision Quest at a Chumash Indian site. It lifted the veil to other worlds and brought answers beyond my imagination.               All of us face different challenges on our life journey. Whether it is physical, mental or spiritual, at one time or another the bigger questions of life come to mind. What is our purpose? Why do certain things happen to us? How can we deal with pain, suffering and death? Is there an afterlife? Do we have past lives? Do angels exist? What awaits us beyond death?

In the following series of articles I will write about these questions and more. I invite you to submit other questions on life or contribute your story to my web blog at michelemarietate.com.

The purpose of this content is to offer spiritual growth and enlightenment. Here the mystery of life will be explored in theory. All content will transcend religious and scientific boundaries to offer greater understanding of the human race as one.

May what you find here, open your heart to find peace with this journey we call life.

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